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Church Wide Study


Saving Grace

As our church seeks to be in a better financial place, we want to help the people in our church with their personal finances. We will gather in life stage groups to learn and grow as we seek financial wholeness. 

This will kick off with a potluck lunch on January 14. Individual groups will then meet once a month through June. Group meeting dates will be decided at this gathering. 

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Youth - Middle school and high school students
Facilitated by Ashley Lilly
Our youth group will create their own lessons to engage in financial wholeness, once a month during their regularly scheduled youth group time. 

Tuska Young Adults
Facilitated by Lainey Butler, Makenna Martin, Pastor Matt Kern
Our young adults will incorporate financial wellness into their regular Thursday evening meetings once a month. 

Facilitated by Irene and Eric Schmidbauer
Children's activities with Kathryn Halterman
As couples think about the ways that money affects their relationships and families plan for college and other life events, this group will focus on people who still have school aged children. 


Facilitated by Chris and Suzie Lilly
In our prime earning years, we think about the best ways to save and spend our money to achieve our goals. 




Facilitated by Tana Senn and Sheryl Love
As we think about money in our retirement, we think about how we will live out the rest of our lives and what kind of legacy we will leave. 

Jesus is Lord, fully human, fully divine. 

We believe in the divinity of Jesus.

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Looking for a place to belong?

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At Tuskawilla United Methodist Church we are committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ as we belong, grow, and serve together! 

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