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New Energy

Last week, receiving 10 new members was like a bolt of lightning to our church! As we welcome new families and celebrate the presence of children in worship, we are starting to dream again. We are beginning to imagine the impact our church can have on the world.

As I met with some of these new members this week, I began to feel a new sense of hope for our work together at Tuskawilla. They are high energy "can do" people, who see problems as challenges not obstacles.

I have been intentional about developing teams to do the work of the church. Some have pushed back against that, either by not wanting to be part of a team or in feeling like we have too many teams. But I am amazed at what happens when people work together, share ideas, and set goals. I love having a team dedicated to each part of our work as a church.

Our Finance Team has been a strong team for a long time, making sure we have reserves for a rainy day. They have guided us through this time of COVID in a remarkable way. We have also had a strong council that makes wise decisions about important issues.

The first new team that really came together after I got here was our Nurture Team. Pastor Bonnie Lattimer has a heart for nurturing people. She has trained and commissioned Congregational Care Ministers (CCMs) who minister to our homebound members and come together to pray for the needs of our church.

Diane Fay has begun a dynamic new team, Hospitality and Connections, that is navigating the way we welcome and invite visitors. Her team meets each week about how to improve our guest experience. They have implemented some wonderful ideas to help people feel the Tuskawilla love! Diane shared her teams vision with our Worship Team this week. It is wonderful to see this spirit of cooperation among teams!

Kevin Harrell began his work as Trustee chair last Monday. This is a big job and is going to need all hands on deck along with some increased funding to take care of our building and grounds. Some of our new members are kicking around some great ideas for fundraising, which is renewing our vision of what our church can be. Look for some exciting new initiatives over the next few months.

People often ask me how I am doing and I so greatly appreciate the way this church cares for me and cares for one another. I am doing great! This week, we will receive more new members and continue to dream about what God has in store for us.

Thanks be to God!

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