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Pumpkin Fever

This week, as we talk about serving, I was made aware of how many people are doing so many amazing things in our church.

Monday, the pumpkins were supposed to come in bins, so we were ready with a forklift and a small team of guys to help with that. When the truck got here it was full of loose pumpkins! Chris Lilly is in charge of this, so he had to troubleshoot this problem. We put out an emergency call and a small crew of us spent about 5 hours unloading and placing pumpkins. Those of us who are older really felt our age that day!

But, Thursday as soon as we opened the Pumpkin Patch, people started coming. It is such a great opportunity to interact with people in our community. I hope that everyone in our church takes a shift to experience this!

We are also doing staff evaluations this week. I hope you will all take some time to let our staff know how much you appreciate them. There is a great energy and commitment from our staff to help this church grow and to continue being strong and vital.

We also celebrate our leaders this week. So many people have stepped up to serve in a leadership role. I love seeing the buzz of activity when people come through the office looking to collaborate on things! We have lots going on and a lot of passion from people who are serving.

Today, I had the opportunity to fill in for Kathryn at her Story Time in the park at Red Bug Lake Park. I was so nervous! I was a preschool music teacher many years ago, but I wondered if I would be able to hold their attention for story time. Kathryn planned out the lesson with songs, games, and books, so everyone was engaged as we counted, read, and sang about apples! One little one there, just smiled and giggled the whole time. What a joy to serve that part of the kingdom of God!

Our Trustee Team has been taking care of lots of projects around the church. Trees have been trimmed, plumbing repairs made, and now we are working on some fire inspection issues in the kitchen. Doug Holder, Kevin Harrell, Greg Parrott, Linda Brentzel, Charlie Sent, Dan Hood, and Bill Fabian have all done so much work!

Wednesday night I had the opportunity to participate in a birthday celebration for one of the residents of The Village. He appreciated some gifts and homemade cupcakes from the church. I hope we can find a way to work more closely with the young people there. Most of them work full time during the day and it is a challenge to gather them in the evening, but I have loved every one of the conversations I have had with them.

In the midst of all of that I took part in some planning for Trunk or Treat, the Chili Cook Off, All Saints Sunday, some upcoming memorial services, and this season of worship.

For some reason, October seems busier than usual. We tend to complain, but deep down we know that being busy is a sign of a purposeful life.

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