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The Joy Sunday

There are some who feel that we don't fully observe Advent, that we dive right into Christmas, instead of seeing Advent as a time of preparation. When churches engage in that preparation, sometimes Advent feels like the season of Lent, waiting until Christmas to burst forth with joy, like we wait for the joy of Easter morning.

But, like children, who get to open just one gift early, we are grateful for Gaudete Sunday, where we light the pink candle of joy. This Sunday, while we continue to hold all of the imperfections of the world, we celebrate the joy in our hearts and for the new life we have in Jesus.

After a week of productive work with the Trustees, the children's musical, and taking care of many administrative details, in spite of being down for the count the day after my COVID booster, I will have the chance to celebrate one of my favorite Christmas activities, attending the Candlelight Processional at Epcot. Our own, Dr. Jeffery Redding will be conducting and I am looking forward to the music, the story, and the sights and sounds of Disney.

I am truly joyful today, for my life, my family, and this beautiful congregation at Tuskawilla.

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